Savage Hair International is proud to serve Bartlett and the surrounding Chicagoland suburbs since 1993. We strive for the ultimate in satisfaction and service for our amazing clientele. All of our stylists are trained personally by me, Maria Guasta, owner and International Artist and Educator for Rusk Hair Care.

All of our talented designers train for an extra 6 months to a year after they're state licensed. Expanding and perfecting their skills in hair cutting and styling, hair color and all other chemical services. We believe this is what seperates Savage stylists from the rest of the world! Not only are our designers advanced in their craft, they are wonderful and compassionate people that take the time to listen to the needs of their clients.

We would love to invite you to come in and experience the Savage Hair International difference for yourself!


Maria Guasta, Owner and Stylist of Savage Hair International

Thank you for checking out the SAVAGE HAIR INTERNATIONAL website. My name is MARIA GUASTA, Owner/Stylist since 1993. This salon has been my home and the home for many talented artists for over 20 years.

I was born in Chicago to my parents Angela and Vince Guasta who are both from Giovinazzo, Italy. They came here so we could have a better life than they had! They are definately the reason Im such a hard worker.....they would not allow me to be lazy! haha Later we moved to Carol Stream, corn fields, no city buses, way too much space. Finally after kicking and screaming I became a suburbanite, but its actually cooler than I thought.

I started cosmetology school as a junior in high school and by the time I graduated I was a licensed stylist. How lucky was I to know what I wanted to do from such a young age?! I thought hair stylists were cool and I loved the idea of hair as fashion and art. Of course Ive had many hair colors and styles to prove it!

So when I was 23 years old I bought SAVAGE HAIR INTERNATIONAL. What was I thinking? haha All my friends were out having a good time and I was working 7 days a week to get the salon going. I wanted to share my passion with my staff and help mold and shape the minds of young stylists to help them reach their own goals and potentional, so I created a training program to help them succeed. All my stylists go through a 6 month to over a year training program before they can work behind the chair. Its a way for the stylist to develop her skills and it gives the client an amazing service and experience. This is what separates Savage stylists from the rest!

Over the years I have had many great opportunities for traveling all over the world doing what I love through education. I am part of the RUSK CREATIVE TEAM. I am an international platform artist and educator. My work can be seen in many publications and Ive also been published in a haircolor book. I have worked at New York Fashion Week numerous times, Broadway productions and stages all over the world including Italy, France, England, Australia and Canada. Not to mention all over the US! This has given me an amazing education in hair color, cutting and styling in so many different settings. I look at hair as an accesory and sometimes even art, but it has also taught me that my favorite place to be is behind the chair, in my own salon with my amazing staff!

I would love for you all to stop in and say hi sometime.....and let me have my way with your hair, you will love it!